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HR policy

Cherkizovo Group is among the largest employers in the Russian agricultural sector. We offer a decent salary, social benefits, and training opportunities to source the best professionals in the industry and graduates from Russia’s best universities.


headcount in 2021

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Our key principles

  • No discrimination on the grounds of gender, nationality or other distinction;
  • Compliance with Russian legislation and best international practices;
  • Enhancing the quality of training in agricultural universities**As part of the Education and Business: Training for Teachers program

Occupational health and safety

In its operations, Cherkizovo Group adheres to the principles of environmental and industrial safety, seeks to mitigate relevant risks and lead the industry.

We strictly comply with all statutory health, safety and environment requirements and make sure that our safety procedures are in line with the best international practices.

The life and health of employees is our priority, so we seek to prevent emergencies, accidents, and injuries. Cherkizovo Group joined the Vision Zero campaign sponsored by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) with a relevant certificate issued to the Company.

The Vision Zero concept requires us to take steps to prevent occupational injuries, diseases, and workplace accidents.

In line with its declared values, the Group continuously improves its occupational health and safety system and cultivates the safety culture at all of its production facilities.

We implement numerous initiatives aimed at improving industrial safety and reducing injuries. To mitigate risks, including human-related risks, the Company assesses equipment, buildings and structures at its production sites and procures to repair, upgrade and automate its operations.

and development

Our priority in human resources management is continuous development of our employees, which enhances their professionalism and improves productivity. Our training programs cover all employee categories and include trainings, workshops, and master classes.

Training programs

  • Online course on personal effectiveness;
  • Online course on internal procedures and systems;
  • English language classes.

Training tools

  • WORLD, a learning and development portal
  • Corporate online library


Cherkizovo Group seeks to raise the profile of the agricultural sector among students and graduates and to ensure a continuous supply of young talent.

To this end, the Group works closely with educational institutions, and our dedicated Center for Student Programs and Youth Initiatives runs various youth activities.

Training formats

  • Dual education;
  • Placements;
  • Internships;
  • Career guidance meetings and presentations;
  • Plant visits;
  • Tailored university curricula.


  • Company Days at universities, vocational and secondary schools;
  • Workshops;
  • Meetings with university and school students;
  • Tours around the Group’s production facilities and Cherkizovo Lab.

Working together with universities

Cherkizovo Group teams up with major agricultural universities and schools in its regions of operation.


Higher School of Economics


Plekhanov Russian University of Economics


Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Moscow State University

and benefits

We offer a competitive salary which is commensurate with the employee’s position, qualification, length of service, and performance, as well as the economic environment in the regions where we operate.

The remuneration often includes a fixed and variable (bonus) part. Its amount depends on the nature of the job and KPI achievement. Managers receive annual bonuses based on the achievement of corporate and individual targets for the year.

The year’s best performers also receive special rewards.

Uniform criteria for the establishment and assessment of annual targets provide a transparent and clear mechanism to award the annual bonus.


payroll, including remuneration
and bonuses,
in 2021


average monthly salary
across the Group
in 2021


In addition to a decent salary, we provide a broad range of fringe benefits.

Standard benefits

  • Paid holiday allowance, financial assistance;
  • Corporate perks and incentives;
  • Corporate meals;
  • Health center for employees.

Benefits after three years of service

  • Extended paid holiday allowance;
  • Parental and/or maternity leave supplements;
  • Pension benefits.*The benefits and their amounts are governed by the Company’s internal policies and procedures.


We are well aware that employee engagement and loyalty are most conducive to achieving our corporate goals. That is why we promote our corporate culture and seek to make sure that each and every employee feels part of a team, no matter where such employee works within our Group.

We create a friendly working environment, hold events to enhance engagement, and develop various channels of feedback and communications. The Group companies regularly host professional skills contests and reward the winners.

Corporate values

  • Honesty;
  • Transparency;
  • Personal responsibility.


As part of our commitment to the regions where we operate, we focus on creating jobs and making timely tax payments to the federal and regional budgets, which support local communities.


the Company’s spending
on charity
on 2021

Areas of social support

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